Neil Island

Neil – beautiful island located south of Andaman Islands on the East Coast of India, with unexplored coral reef and brilliant bio-diversity, white sandy beaches, forest & vegetation is one of the best tourist spots in Andaman.

Neil Island is one of the  emerging holiday destination of many travelers due to its serene sandy and isolated beaches. Laxmanpur Beach is famously known as the sunset point. All the travelers visit this spot in the evening to witness the panoramic view of the sunset. The wide sandy beach is also known for evening sea breeze which will surely give you the feel of being in paradise.Bharatpur Beach is one among the beaches which conducts Glass-bottomed boat rides to view the beautiful and colored under water corals and fishes. Sitapur Beach is a prominent place to witness the first light of the day. The view of the rising sun early in the morning will surely energize you for the rest of the day. Natural Bridge formation is yet another prominent place in Neil Island. The Natural Arc formation of the gigantic rock gives a spectacular view. This spot is visited during low tide only.